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About me

27 Jun

This was at a BBQ I threw a couple years ago. No, I don't usually wear a cowboy hat. Yes, the chicken, brisket and ribs were delicious.

My name is Nathan, and this is Redneck Fresh, my food blog. What is redneck fresh, you ask? It’s my own crazy brand of cooking: Join me as I try to make fresh, (usually) healthy food in New York City, where I’m currently a graduate student.

My cooking influences are varied to say the least, and I think they combine to create a unique style and flavor that is, well, Redneck Fresh. Pioneer techniques from 200 years ago like cast iron cooking, old-fashined BBQ, and Southern-style comfort food are favorites of mine; so are thoroughly modern techniques. In terms of food styles, I like to dabble in a broad range of cultural cuisines: Cajun, Mexican, Chinese and Indian are probably my favorites. I’m half-Indian, and sometimes I’m lucky enough to get care packages from Grandma of Indian spices and recipes.

I love entertaining people, and my cooking is definitely an extension of that element of my identity. While I like cooking for myself or a few people, I’m really in my element when I’m cooking for a big party and lots of my friends. Hopefully, sharing my cooking exploits will help me to share my passion for food and entertainment with even more people!

In addition to recipes for normal or party-sized meals, I’ll be posting food-related “projects” and adventures: Canning things, making tortillas (because God knows nobody makes them fresh in NYC), or any particularly cool restaurant or market experiences I may have. Recently, I’ve done some research on the locavore movement and, while I’m not quite ready to become a full-fledged locavore, I’m definitely going to try to make local part of my commitment to the “fresh” in Redneck Fresh.

Hopefully, you can steal ideas from me and use them to eat with your friends: Eating together is the oldest form of respect and shared celebration, and it’s a lost part of our cultural fabric.

Let’s Eat!